Wes Humble served in ministry for over 31 years.  He pastored churches in Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania.  For seven years he served as Director of Communications for the Churches of Christ in Christian Union.  He was the office editor of the Evangelical Advocate and the Holiness Digest.  He also worked at the Ohio Christian University as Director of Institutional Advancement.  While serving in these administrative roles he spent much of his time traveling and speaking at churches and camps throughout the United States.

After thirteen God blessed years in the same church, Wes experienced spiritual, mental, physical and emotional brokenness which culminated in moral failure. This ended his professional ministry in the church. 

From Wes: "It is with a godly sorrow that I write these words. Yes, I failed. I sinned. All I can say besides expressing my sorrow and repentance is that God has been faithful in His love for me. The most surprising aspect of this broken life has been God's amazing steadfastness. He stands strong in His desire to not lose me. He has not "unfriended" me or "unadopted" me. He is my Father and His love and grace sustain me daily. He reached out to me when I was at my lowest. Why that surprised me is a sad commentary on how a lot of people in the church view God. His love never fails, it never gives up it never runs out on me.   Thankful for His presence and grace.